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ACHIEVEMENTS  2020 - 2024



Gun Violence Prevention

I led a coalition including the Police Department and local nonprofit organizations to secure a $5.2 million grant to establish and fully staff an Office of Violence Prevention & Neighborhood Wellbeing (“OVP”) at City Hall to put an end to gun violence in Pomona. In includes funding to hire additional police officers, for police training in procedural justice, and for street outreach workers to intervene before violence occurrs.


Pomona Jobs Project

I led a committee of residents and stakeholders to develop the City-funded Pomona Jobs Project (“PJP”) which is providing training and mentorship to low-income Pomona residents who are unemployed or underemployed and connecting them to local “high-road” jobs—jobs that pay a living wage, have benefits, and provide opportunities for career advancement.


Affordable Housing

I championed the City’s development of a rent stabilization program to ensure that the half of Pomona families who are tenants are treated fairly and can afford to stay in their homes. I supported the City’s inclusionary housing ordinance to ensure that new market-rate development includes or funds a significant percentage of low-income units. I supported the construction of hundreds of units of high-quality housing throughout Pomona.



I helped shepherd the amazing new Hamilton Park to completion. I prioritized the San Jose Creek Recreational Trail, and the City received a $10 million grant to build it. The Trail will go from Ganesha Park to Cal Poly Pomona, connecting all of the parks and schools along the way. I supported a major increase to the park fees that developers pay; this will allow us to develop new park land. I supported setting aside major funding to repair and rebuild park restrooms throughout the City.


Climate Resilience

I played a key role in the City's successful application for a $22.1 million State Transformative Climate Communities grant. It includes funding to: make our corridors more walkable, bikeable, and tree-covered; provide free energy savings to families in the form of solar arrays and batteries; provide free Metro passes to students and low-income families; expand Lopez Urban Farm; make e-bikes and EVs more affordable for Pomona residents, and more.


A Well-being Economy

I am helping to lead a coalition of community organizations, institutional leaders, and residents in the Pomona Valley that is building the groundwork to transform our regional economy so that it focuses on people instead of profit. This work involves reaching out to large public entities like universities and hospitals to engage them in a collaborative effort to use their enormous spending power to build the local economy and support local jobs. We intend to develop and sustain a cooperative sector where workers are owners of the places where they work.

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